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Abu Dhabi
Dr. Shaikha Alnuaimi
Specialist OB GYN

Dr. Shaikh Alnuaimi is a highly skilled OB GYN Specialist with 9 years of experience at Corniche Hospital, certified by the Arab Board.  She is deeply committed to reproductive medicine, benign gynecology, and the treatment of recurrent pregnancy loss. Dr. Shaikha’s dedication is evident in her successful management of the recurrent pregnancy loss clinic for two years, where she has made a significant impact. Her extensive experience also extends to handling a wide range of women’s health issues, including early pregnancy complications, subfertility, and high-risk pregnancies.

Dr. Shaikha’s proficiency shines in the realm of fertility treatments, pelvic ultrasounds, and the management of high-risk pregnancies. Her patient-centered approach is marked by compassion, and her communication skills ensure clarity and understanding in reproductive healthcare.