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One in eight couples experiences difficulty with conception, and male infertility affects about half of those couples.
Male Infertility | Semen Analysis

Semen Analysis

The first step in understanding male infertility is the semen analysis. The analysis is generally performed on a specimen that has been produced by means of masturbation into a sterile specimen container. Our Semen Collection Room that is designed with your safety, privacy and comfort in mind.
The semen analysis will provide information on:

  • Basic measurements of the volume (in milliliters)

  • The percentage of the sperm which are moving (motility) and the quality of the movement.

  • The quality of the movement of the sperm, described as the “progression”.

  • The shape of the sperm (morphology).

Semen analysis can help clarify if a male reproductive problem is causing infertility and can be used to find a solution that suits you best.