Fertility assessment

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An assessment with one of our physicians is a fundamental step in your parenthood journey. We provide you with an accurate diagnosis, and plan fertility solutions that work for you.
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Determining the right solution for you
Our assessment is designed to get to know you and to develop a path
to parenthood that works best for you.
Comprehensive Assessment
We review your medical history, your lifestyle, and your goals in order to fully understand your needs.
A Personalized Solution
After reviewing your assessment, our physicians work with you to create a personalized treatment plan.
An Empowered Patient
Our team of experts are there to answer all of your questions and discuss possible options to get you on your way to parenthood.
What’s Included
Your initial assessment includes:
Step 1
An ovarian reserve measurement through AMH blood test
The number of potential eggs available in your ovary is a key element to fertility outcome. We measure it by checking the Anti-Mullerian Hormone (AMH) level released by your eggs as they grow.
Step 2
An ovaries egg cell count through transvaginal ultrasound
The number of follicles indicates the number of eggs in your ovaries at any given period. We detect it through a vaginal ultrasound.
Step 3
A medical exam and family history review
Together we assess key factors that affect the outcome of your treatment. This includes your age, lifestyle, medical history, and genetic background, all of which we take into consideration when customizing a plan that works best for you.
Step 4
A personalized plan built with our specialists according to your needs
Once we understand what's affecting your fertility, we will present you with all the available solutions and build a tailored path to parenthood together.
Our Assessments
Find the option that suits you best.
Virtual Fertility Consultation
If you’re still unsure if IVF is right for you,
our fertility experts are available online to
guide you through your decision.
Fertility Assessment
If you're looking for a full assessment, including a consultation with one of our physicians, as well as fertility testing, a visit to our clinic will allow you to meet the team and find the path to parenthood that works best for you.