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Is egg freezing right for you?

If you answer yes to any of the below questions, then egg freezing may be the right solution for you.
Sperm Freezing | Freezing Eggs
Are you prioritizing your career right now?
Fertility Preservation | Sperm Freezing
Are you worried about your biological clock?
Freezing Eggs | Fertility Preservation
Are you looking to defer pregnancy?
Sperm Freezing | Freezing Eggs | Fertility Preservation
Are you planning your future parenthood?
Our Fertility Preservation Services
Egg Freezing Assessment | Fertility Preservation | Sperm Freezing

Egg Freezing Assessment

Start by a preservation assessment to build the plan that’s right for you.
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Freezing Eggs | Fertility Preservation

Egg Freezing

A short outpatient procedure that collects your eggs and freezes them for future use.
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Embryo Banking | Fertility Preservation

Embryo Banking

Your fertilized eggs can be frozen for you to use when you’re ready.
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Embryo Banking & Genetic Testing | Fertility Preservation

Embryo Banking & Genetic Testing

In addition to the fertilization of your eggs, we perform genetic testing to freeze the best embryos for your use when you decide.
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Annual storage of eggs | Sperm Freezing | Freezing Eggs

Annual Storage

We store your eggs safely in liquid nitrogen so you can use them when you’re ready.
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sperm freezing Dubai

Sperm Freezing

We are able to freeze your sperm for use at a later time, according to your family planning decisions.
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The Egg Freezing Process
It takes about two weeks from the day you begin your treatment for an egg cycle to be complete, allowing egg retrieval. The end goal is to get at least three mature and fully developed eggs, so two or more cycles may be needed.
Step 1
Egg Freezing Assessment
You'll start your egg freezing journey with a fertility assessment performed by one of our specialists. It includes an ultrasound of your ovaries and a medical history evaluation. Your fertility assessment is the cornerstone of your personalized plan.
Step 2
Personalized Plan
A certified specialist will suggest a customized treatment plan based on your results. Other tests may be needed before stimulating egg production.
Step 3
Stimulation Process (Day 1-13)
During this period, you'll begin hormone injections at home to stimulate your ovaries to produce more mature eggs. Our specialists will show you exactly how to take these injections. We'll track your egg development with blood tests and ultrasounds, and adjust your medication if need be. Once you've produced enough mature eggs, you'll receive a hormone injection that induces ovulation, releasing the mature eggs. About 36 hours later we'll perform an outpatient egg retrieval procedure.
Step 4
Egg Retrieval (Day 14)
The procedure takes about 15 minutes while you are sedated. You can go home after resting for about 30 minutes in one of our recovery rooms. Most women resume their activities the following day. The collected eggs will be evaluated by one of our specialists then cryopreserved the same day.
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Why freeze your eggs?
Many women are delaying pregnancy until their late thirties and early forties. Often, they are surprised and distressed when they learn they no longer have eggs that will produce a pregnancy because they waited too long. They are in their early forties, they look great and feel great; they see celebrities having babies at forty-eight, and they are faced with deep disappointment.